Urgent Help For Students: Collection Of Biology Extended Essay Topics

If you’re participating in the IB Diploma Program, you may be asked to write a biology extended essay. The first step of this task is to select an interesting narrow topic to discuss. You might not be able to come up with such a topic on your own. However, you may pick a biology topic from a list crafted by somebody else and approach it from a new perspective.

A Selection of Topics for a Biology Essay

  1. The biological functions of water.
  2. The existence of living organisms without cells.
  3. The importance of agricultural microbiology.
  4. The evolution of parasites.
  5. The distinctive features of human physiology.
  6. The stages of embryonic development.
  7. The development of biotechnology.
  8. The importance of the human genome project.
  9. The evidence of the theory of evolution.
  10. The influence of the environment on the eating habits of particular species.

Tips for Writing an Extended Essay

Now that you have taken a look at a collection of great biology topics, it’ll be easier for you to generate a unique idea for your own paper. Keep in mind, however, that a great topic alone won’t guarantee you an excellent mark. It’s very important to put plenty of effort into each step of your work in order to succeed in this task.