Professional Advice: Good Essay Topics For High School

In high school, students often write academic papers. Sometimes, they’re allowed to choose topics for essay writing on their own. For some students, this is good because they have many interesting ideas that they’d like to share with the readers. However, not all students can come up with interesting topics. If you have a similar problem and think "can someone do my assignment?", you may pick a topic from a list composed by professionals and approach it in a unique way.

A Collection of High School Essay Topics

  1. The influence of violent video games on young gamers.
  2. The ways for schools to deal with bullying.
  3. The importance of achieving social equality between men and women.
  4. The reasons to get rid of the death penalty.
  5. The need to force rich people to pay more taxes.
  6. Choosing between the national security and privacy.
  7. The things that the older people can learn from the young generation.
  8. The usage of marijuana and other light drugs for medical purposes.
  9. The ways to deal with teen pregnancy.
  10. The need to make teachers pass a fundamental skills test every five years.
  11. Keeping exotic animals as pets.
  12. The punishment that juvenile criminals should take.
  13. The right of a person to ask for euthanasia.
  14. The reasons to allow women to have abortions.

Tips for Selecting Essay Topics

You may select any topic from the list above and narrow it down a little bit to write a unique and interesting academic paper. Remember, however, that to craft a paper of high quality, you should allocate a lot of time to the work on it.