How To Choose Good Definition Essay Topics For Your Paper

A definition essay is easy to understand and quite interesting to write, as it’s a work where you describe a concert or a term that you find interesting. In fact, I give such advice - choose anything you like, but you have to make sure you don’t write a simple dictionary definition of the word.

Choosing Proper Topics for Definition Essay

Topic Suggestions for Definition Papers

  1. Senioritis.
  2. Write about the feeling when you have a couple of months left till the graduation, when you don’t want to go to classes and do homework.

  3. Success.
  4. Define success from different angles, talking about the way to it, the feelings you get when you succeed, etc.

  5. Cheating.
  6. Talk about cheating on anything and whether there are any benefits of it. What’s enough to be called cheating? Is it something you could forgive a person for?

  7. Laziness.
  8. Talk about the term, considering its meaning change through ages. You might want to ask your grandparents on what they thought laziness was when they were young.

  9. Family.
  10. Write about family: what do you mean by it and what may other people mean. Some include friends to their families, others include only parents.


Definition papers are extremely interesting to write, as you can describe your favorite term. You learn more about it and let people do the same by providing them with examples and definitions. Choose something not too complicated unless you’re fully aware of what it stands for.