30 Argumentative Essay Topics

When writing an argumentative essay, you need to pick a subject of interest and state your stance on it. Your viewpoint should, however, be backed by facts, and examples to make it valid. You can also pick some samples online and use them as a quality sample of academic work. An argumentative essay should be well researched and informative to attract readers. Also, your points should be clear, with no ambiguities.

One of the delicate parts of writing an argumentative essay is choosing a top provoking topic. Well, this article is to serve that purpose. We will take you through how to select a theme and give examples.  

How to Choose an Argumentative Essay Topic

Most students find it challenging to select a winning topic for their essays. Yes, it is! However, it could be more manageable when some critical points are considered.

Your interest in the subject

It is always best to write about a subject that you are passionate about, to avoid losing interest at a point. That aside, the lack of interest in the chosen subject could lead to frustration at the information-gathering stage.

Something you know about

Aside from being interested in the subject, you should also have a general knowledge about it. You don’t necessarily have to know the nitty-gritty about it, but at least something that can aid you in doing useful research.


Researching potential subjects could inform the right choice for your paper. Afterward, you need also to gather enough information before you start to write.

30 Topics Ideas for Argument Essays

We can’t just take you through how to write an argumentative essay without giving examples. Some of these ideas may be controversial, but we hope it will serve you best.

  1. Should the death penalty be outlawed?
  2. Is the US electoral process free and fair?
  3. Should law enforcement agencies continue to use torture to retrieve information?
  4. Is human responsible for global climate change?
  5. Should there be a paternity leave concept for men to be with their newly born babies?
  6. Has the dress code for students lost its relevance?
  7. Is technology becoming a bane on society?
  8. Is the current tax regime fair?
  9. Are the poor paying more taxes than the rich are?
  10. Does distance relationship breed cheating?
  11. Should governments ban smoking of cigarettes?
  12. Are CCTV cameras in public areas an invasion of privacy?
  13. Are body cams on police serving its purpose?
  14. Should governments have a say in what we eat?
  15. Should artists, athletes, and entertainers receive payments as an ordinary worker?
  16. Should teens have access to condoms?
  17. Should abortion be legalized?
  18. Should Congressmen have term limits?
  19. Are business executives overpaid?
  20. Should religious activities be entertained in schools?
  21. Is there a need for gun control?
  22. Does too much homework cause stress in students?
  23. Is physical education a necessity for students?
  24. Is affirmative action necessary in this competitive world?
  25. Should marijuana be legalized for medicinal use?
  26. Should college education be free or heavily subsidized?
  27. Should the government increase or decrease the alcohol drinking age?
  28. Should recycling be made compulsory?
  29. Should prisoners have the right to vote?
  30. Has religion contributed to more wars and global insecurity?