A List Of Original Frankenstein Essay Topics For Your Literature Class

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a must-read in many educational establishments, and the book is usually not left without a paper on it. There are many essay topics for Frankenstein available, as the book raises lots of questions. The understanding of the plot is crucial for choosing a proper theme, so make sure you read the novel before making the choice.

Topic Suggestions for a Frankenstein Essay

  1. Write about the narrative changes of the novel, moving from Robert Walton to Victor Frankenstein and then to the latter as a monster.
  2. Talk about the value of communication by letters within the novel, as there are lots of them. Even the preface to the novel starts with a letter of introduction to the story.
  3. Discuss the ways women are described within the novel, and the attitude of both Victor and the monster to them. Does it differ?
  4. Talk about the value of illnesses in the book, particularly Victor’s sickness after every unsuccessful event in his life. What can it be: an escape and mean of having rest or is there any other reason behind that?
  5. Why Frankenstein is always mute in the films? His persuasiveness plays a great role in the book, but they tend to make him a silent monster in all the movies.
  6. Write about the common features you can spot in both Victor and the monster. Include their attitude to family, nature, and other things there may be parallels in.
  7. Discuss the reasons by all the suffering Victor has to go through. He says it’s a desire for knowledge and development. But are there other reasons?
  8. Discuss the means of foreshadowing in the novel, comparing the three narrators. Is it a good way to talk about events, or does Victor, in particular, reveal too much?
  9. Talk about the point of view that Victor is playing God in the novel. Does he understand it may be wrong to create another being artificially?
  10. Write about the character of the monster: do you feel sympathetic to him? If yes, what makes you feel so?


Frankenstein is a very interesting novel that has lots of questions to answer. You can do so in your essay, revealing your point of view on any of the problems described. Choose a proper topic that is both original and interesting to you, and you will compose an amazing work. Include some analysis along with your thoughts to make the writing look more professional.