A List Of Climate Change Essay Topics For College Students

Climate change is something people have to care about, as it’s been put aside for too long. Scientists have found out that it’s happening not only because of human activity, but it happens faster and the results of it may be more dramatic because of that activity. To bring awareness to the issue, you may be given an assignment to write a global climate change essay, using any aspect you wish as the topic.

There are many topics to write about, but you need to choose something that is up-to-date and has lots of materials to use online or at brick-and-mortar libraries. If you choose a proper theme, you will have no troubles with looking for samples, writing tips, and materials for the paper. You can find lots of useful stuff on the subject if you look here.

Topic Ideas for an Essay on Climate Change

  1. Is global warming a man-made part of the current climate change?
  2. What are other examples of global warming? Look into the history of our planet.
  3. Humans reaction to greenhouse effect and its consequences.
  4. The Kyoto protocol: does it really work? What countries are involved and what results have been already achieved?
  5. How does media describe the crisis of global warming? Is it too dramatic or the opposite?
  6. Climate change: fossil fuels extraction and usage consequences.
  7. The harmful impact of climate change on the oceans and their inhabitants.
  8. The future of global warming: what awaits us if we don’t halt it?
  9. The role of politics in the current global warming.
  10. The impact of global warming on human body: statistics.
  11. The non-manmade part of climate change: what else plays its role?

To Sum Up

Climate change and global warming are a combination of manmade and non-manmade processes. We can do something to stop it, but there are things like politics and race for money that may slow the development down. Choose the right topic to let people know your opinion on the issue and its consequences for all the humans and other species inhabiting the planet. Useful online sources will help you answer the questions your topic will state.