A List Of 10 Best Narrative Essay Topics For High School

In high school, you may be asked to write a narrative paper. There are many topics for a narrative essay that you may choose to write about. If you cannot come up with a decent idea for your paper, you may take a look at a list of topics generated by other people. This should help you understand what story to tell in your own paper.

A List of Great Narrative Essay Topics by MyHomeworkDone.com company

  1. A time you got lost.
  2. Your first day at new school.
  3. A time when you were truly frightened.
  4. The funniest day in your life so far.
  5. A time when you did something embarrassing.
  6. An interesting day with some member of your family.
  7. An encounter with a stranger that changed the course of your day.
  8. An action that you regret to have taken.
  9. A day when you met your best friend.
  10. A decision that you’re proud to have taken.

Tips for Writing a Good Narrative Essay

Now, you should have a better idea of what to write about in your narrative paper. Remember, however, that your paper shouldn’t just tell a story but also convey a message that the reader can think about. If your narrative doesn’t try to teach your audience any lessons, it’s not likely that your teacher will be impressed by your work and your paper will earn a high score.