Topics for Cause and Effect Essays

To have a good essay, you need facts and ideas that can support your essay. If you want a good text, there are things you must follow. The introduction comes first in the first paragraph, three paragraphs contain the effects, and the last block must have the conclusion. There are tips to follow before choosing a topic. Write down all the ideas you have and brainstorm them. After analyzing all of them, select the one that will work best for you. At times you can choose a broad topic which is not bad for essays for sale. If so, you will have to summarize points included in the ordered sample to fit your essay. The internet can help in many ways to get ideas. It is good to draft your points before writing. It will help you from not leaving any ideas out.

Essay Themes for Cause and Effects targeted to Middle School

  1. History and how boring it is
  2. How poverty affects a person
  3. What is the influence of art in your life?
  4. Reasons why adults still watch cartoons
  5. How our everyday life get influenced by computers and online services

Ideas for High school

  1. Programs against bullying and how they work
  2. Things that make teachers quit their jobs
  3. Ways in which HIV/AIDS spreads in Africa
  4. What are the causes of cancer?
  5. Reasons for people being homeless

Historical Cause and Effect Ideas

  1. State the reasons for civil war in the US
  2. Name the consequence of the holocaust
  3. Reasons and effects of the Colombian drug war
  4. Mention the effects of using drugs in Afghanistan
  5. Meaning and causes of globalization

Technology Cause and Effect 


  1. Effects of cell phones on the younger generation
  2. Reasons why people use tablets and smartphones apart from computers
  3. Why did it change from keyboards to screen typing?
  4. Causes of Elon Musk success on his projects
  5. How can social media lose popularity?

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Subjects

  1. Reasons why a balloon flies
  2. Why your dog fail on professional training
  3. From a medical point of view, why did humanity invent toilet paper?
  4. Effects of shopping on people
  5. Reasons why your cooking go wrong

Captivating Reasons and Effects Article Ideas

  1. Reasons that make people racist
  2. Online dating and its effects
  3. Effects of a kid growing up with one parent
  4. How drugs affect older people
  5. How popular culture gets influenced by horror films

Simple Cause and Effect Essay Themes

  1. Why do couples get divorced?
  2. Causes of pollution
  3. Meaning and reasons for globalization
  4. Reasons for lies from people
  5. Why do people have insomnia?

Personal Cause and Effect Essay Subjects

  1. Describe the time when you were made happy
  2. Causes of a successful and unsuccessful family business
  3. Roots and effects of a family tradition
  4. Reasons for becoming a superstitious person
  5. Reasons for choosing your profession

Cause and Effect Essay Themes for College Students

  1. Impact of global warming
  2. Causes of early sexual life
  3. Reasons why women choose destructive relationships mostly based on domestic violence
  4. Why men who are facing poverty start a domestic violence
  5. Effects of drug legalization in the United States

Easy Effect Paper Topics

  1. Causes of post-traumatic syndrome
  2. What are the causes of tsunamis?
  3. How divorce affects children mental health
  4. Causes of cyberbullying
  5. Effects of globalization and liberalism on feminism