A guide on how to choose narrative essay topics

The task of writing a narrative essay is one of many that students get to take. The instructors use it to test the student’s level of knowledge, their overall potential, set of skills, and mindset. To have a quality essay, you should equip yourself with a vast vocabulary.

Choose the type of Narrative essay

In a study conducted at Princeton University, when you have a listen to a captivating story, you respond the same as if you were right inside the story. To have this nailed, it depends on the topics you choose to write an essay. Make sure you know and understand the kind of paper you are writing.

Are you storytelling?

If you get tasked with narrating a story or telling it, you will have to tie it to your experience, an event in your past life, or a success or a failure you might have incurred. It is a story of the past that has, in one way or the other, influenced your personality, relations, or future.

Are you describing?

A descriptive essay entails a story about a person, item, place, or experience in a given time. The description should not only center on the looks but also the author feels about the matter. It feeds attitude and picture.

Are you investigating?

When writing this type of essay, make a statement, and present it to any reader to show you have researched the subject. The narrative essay answers questions to “Why does…?” or “What is…?”

Are you going to persuade?

A persuasive essay is similar to an investigative, but in this, you should not answer the questions. Instead, your job is to make a statement, provide all the facts and vital information, and lure the reader into accepting and agreeing with the piece.

The next move: have a selection from the list of Narrative Essay Topics

Most students write about the things they either know or understand. When you think of something you get it and write it, you can find d it easy to communicate the vital aspects and also have an attitude direction of the same.

Narrative Essay Topics for Students in College

There are four basic categories of essay topics that range from childhood stories, morality, experience, and imagine it.


  1. A Day Spent at My Dad’s Place of Work
  2. The Best Birthday Party
  3. The Worst Mistake I Made as a Child
  4. Growing Up in London/New York
  5. The First Trip with My Family
  6. My Biggest Childhood Lie
  7. Who I Aspired to be When I Was Growing Up


  1. My First Time Falling in Love
  2. The Most Memorable Day with My Family
  3. The Worst Disaster I Have Experienced
  4. The Worst Misunderstandings with My Family
  5. The First Time I Didn’t Sleep at Home
  6. The Most Embarrassing Moment In My Life


  1. How I Treat Strangers
  2. The Biggest Lie I’ve Told My Parents
  3. Why all Humans are Equal
  4. The Hardest Decision I Ever Made
  5. The Most Rebellious Act I Did

Narrative Topics for High School Students

  1. The First School I Attended
  2. The Worst Event in Class
  3. How I became A Superhero in Class
  4. The Movie That Changed My Life
  5. My Role Model In School