Criminal Justice Essay Topics: Professional Guide For Newbies

Criminal justice makes up a large aspect of the law system. Criminal justice deals with the aspects of law, which do not fall under civil law. Due to the complexity of criminal justice, the essay topics many students choose tend to converge and be the similar topics that many students believe are not hard and require a lot of research and understanding to complete. However, if you are looking for fresh new ideas and are a newbie then you have come to the right place.

Criminal Justice

A large aspect of your criminal justice essay should be compromised of statistics, studies and the latest new stories on the subject. This is due to the fact that these sources are pivotal for success in your paper.

You can find the latest news stories on criminal justice at any reputable news site. This adds context to your paper and your research will greatly impress your teacher. Plus, it will inject some uniqueness to your paper since most students do not go to this length of researching their topic

You can find studies in most law journals, and you should use these to support any argument that you are making. You should analyze the study, answering questions such as what the result of the study implies and what could be done to improve the methods undertaken to conduct the study.

Similarly, like with citing studies, you should also cite statistics to back up your viewpoint. These will make your argument stronger and, again, make your paper stand out. Another important source to cite in your paper, which will greatly boost your grade, are actual examples of criminal cases.


Now that we know of some of the important things that you should include in your paper to stand out, it is time to look at some criminal justice topics that you can write about. The topic should allow you to cite various sources and analyze in great depth. With this in mind, the following are some of the best topics to write about:

These topics will all allow you to discuss and analyze many aspects, as well as bring in many sources to analyze.

A criminal justice essay can become complex, due to the complexity of the justice system, but, if you follow our professional guide for newbies, you should have no problems handling your criminal justice paper and achieving very high marks.