Easy Solutions For First-Timers: A List Of Creative Essay Topics

When you get your first college essay assignment, it’s alright if you get confused at every stage. You must have written such works earlier, but college is a new level, with its requirements and difficulties. The first difficulty is choosing a good topic, as it needs to be creative, not too easy, and not too difficult. There are many things to write about, and in case you have no idea what to choose, topic collections may help you.

A Collection of Creative College Essay Topics for Beginners

  1. The goal you failed to achieve.
  2. You are adult enough to accept your failures, as they are as important as the successes. Talk about anything you’ve failed to achieve and what you learned from the experience.

  3. Taking risks or staying at the safe side?
  4. What’s better for the future success? There are many people who took risks and were awarded for that, but what would be your strategy?

  5. A piece of art that has influenced your life greatly.
  6. It can be a picture, a piece of music, or even a TV show – if it has changed your life, write about it. What value does it hold for you and what person have you become after the influence was made?

  7. Experience you’ve got that has changed you.
  8. Life gives us lots of lessons to learn, and we choose whether to do it or not. Talk about one of such lessons that gave you unique experience and changed you.

  9. The reasons why you decided to go to college.
  10. Talk about the advantages you have found to yourself before deciding to go to college.

  11. Your plans for the future after you finish studying.
  12. Talk about the job you want to get after you graduate: describe your dream job and whether it’s approachable.

  13. What are your long-term goals in life?
  14. Talk about what you plan to live like in about 10-20 years, including job, family, and other things.

  15. If you were given a chance to fix a mistake you had done in your life, what would you choose?
  16. Talk on the topic, considering whether you would take the chance and what you would change.

  17. Reasons you would be chosen by the college if there was one place left.
  18. Describe your advantages and show your teachers why it wasn’t a mistake to admit you to the college.

  19. Your extraordinary skills.
  20. Do you have anything special that you think only a few people can do? If not, what would you want your “superpower” to be?


A topic for your first essay has to be creative and interesting to write about. Choose something connected to your wishes, goals, or experience. A good topic choice will make your first college paper outstanding.